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I think you need to change to draper and turn your key off and restart to change it to the draper. Will look some more about this.

Header type is not retained when GS2 is powered down.

Every time GS2 is powered up, the Harvest Monitor header type is corn head even though platform was selected before the key was turned off or header type is platform even though corn head was selected before the key was turned off.

Harvest Monitor has logic where if the crop is set to corn, the header type should be corn head, and if the crop is set to wheat or soybeans, the header type should be platform. If the header type is changed BEFORE the crop is changed, Harvest Monitor thinks that the incorrect head was selected based on the existing crop and will default back once GS2 is rebooted.

Go into GS2 Pro and setup the client, farm, field, and task information, continue to letter I, and setup the crop and variety. THEN, go into the Original GreenStar Monitor, and change the header type under Setup | Harvest Monitor | Header Type. Once the header type is selected, Harvest Monitor will see that it corresponds to the crop selected and retain it on boot up.
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