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Hail adjuster with dirty quad

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Met the adjuster this morning, chatted for a few minutes about what fields needed checking and happened to look at his quad while he was setting the ramps up on the back of his truck. His quad was covered with mud hanging off and had canola blooms hung up everywhere on the front and winch. I asked if he had been in any clubroot fields and he said no, I thought about it for a minute and said he couldn't take it out of the truck.
I got my quad and he rode sidesaddle around the fields. He was good about it but said I was the first guy he's met that was concerned.
Really? He said they always ask landowners if they have clubroot but what if the farmer lies (they're dealing with crop insurance after all) or doesn't know they have clubroot yet. I've refused access to oilfied equipment that was way cleaner than this guys quad.

I'm astounded AFSC doesn't have a protocol for washing equipment between farmers. I understand the adjuster isn't going to wash his quad 4 times a day for free but we pay enough in premiums that an extra 30 minutes at the car wash per client shouldn't break the bank.

Next time I phone the office I will mention that any equipment that comes out must be cleaned and I must to meet them at the field to inspect before they access my land because if the guy had been riding in my crop today...

(I don't have clubroot yet but I've been growing resistant varieties and cleaning equipment since 2008 when I had a problem with a pipeline company and decided to be proactive try to keep clean)
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Last year there was 3 adjusters working in the area. One guy was very very anal about everything, things being clean, counting heads, plants, measuring and kernels counts, to the point of being excessively slow. I think he actually quit, couldn't handle the stress and pressure that was put on him to perform. The second guy, he'd clean things at the start of the day, and let it ride until the end of the day and wash things up for the next day. He did a good job and understood the implications of Clubroot and other soil born contamination. And the third guy, well he had crap hanging all over his quad and truck. He only drove in the yard to see the second adjuster, and he was warned if he was going to be on our land he was going to be cleaning his quad and truck before he did any work.

So it would appear that AFSC doesn't have any real standards for equipment cleaning. If they do, some of there operators aren't following the rules. There really should be set in stone standards as to how things are cleaned, especially now that we have to worry about clubroot.

However, all there operators have to take a quad operators course, so at least they are safe while potentially spreading, crop diseases and weeds all over the country.
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