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harvest rotor problems still?

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Cant figure out whats goin on as soon as it gets a little tough it rumbles like heck sounds like comin from the front of rotor. Could there be something wrong in the rock trap feeder house area to cause this bearing all good. Been doin it for 2000 acres now if cant figure it out will have to swap out the rotor again after harvest. Been a $5000 waste of money.
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I was just thinking of you last night. Its getting wet and tough early here and we were grinding on some oats. I was wondering how you made out but it doesn't sound good. On my 1680, I had serrated beater bars and it seemed to be a little better. We never had luck running the slower sprocket, always the fast one. The 8010's aren't much better at feeding either. On oat swaths I can plug up the front end at will. Seems to be in the beater, maybe another 30 yrs they'll be able to feed tough straw.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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