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Hey All,

We have a customer looking for a small, easily moveable combine. They grow canola seed and windrow it for harvest.

They expressed interest in a K or F series Gleaner.

Which one would be best for canola?

I personally think that a Straight F with the diesel would be the best choice, as the cylinder and throat are much bigger, and the 301 NA would have a bunch of "grunt" to power through slugs, and the twin fans would offer excellent adjustability for precise cleaning. Finding a rare hydrostat machine would be even better.

Is that logic flawed? does a guy need the long shoe and walkers of the 78 or newer 2 series? if a guy does go with a 78+, do you need a small seed kit for the fan?

If the customer is really hung up on the ultra narrow width, will a K or K2 handle swathed canola?

Any input appreciated,
I had an old G years back and it handled canola fine, even better after I rigged up a reverser for the header. Back then we had a 15 foot swather.
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