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Hey I am pretty new to the forum but have a few questions about a 4940 sprayer. We currently have a 4830 sprayer and are really needing to either get into a larger setup or get another 4830 or 4730. Its a family farm and are short handed and are leaning towards just going up to a 4940 or the new series 49 whatever that is but we are very concerned with the weight not just while spraying but also hauling. I haul our 4830 everywhere and usually have 3200 gal of water and 2 totes of chemical and usually something to the sort of AMS. With that set up and everything full im around 83000lbs. Im just wondering if there are any 4940 guys out there hauling them and how much more the weigh..Thanks!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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