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Here's the set up:
2005 R65 with Lateral Tilt and GTA II, with single point hookup
800 series Flex Head 30', yellow plug
The connection is completed with a jumper between the single point and yellow plug.

Error code: Header Right sensor High.

The AHHC will work starting at one end of the field. If the combine gets a jolt or sudden movement, the AHHC faults and I get this error on the GTA II, 024 is the error code.

I check all voltages on the GTA II screen, all voltages for the left, right, tilt and feeder are all within range of .4 to 4 v.

Left Max - 3.8 Left Min - 1.4
Right Max - 3.8 Right Min - 1.2

I replaced the right sensor, still have the problem. It seems to work until I turn around at the end. And it gets better with a half full bin.

I think I have a short somewhere in the right sensor wire or circuit.

I've recalibrated a lot, doesn't fix it. Same setup as last year, no issues last year.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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