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Hi guys,

A couple years ago I uprgraded my combine from a John Deere 105 to a John Deere 8820 even though I still have the 105 it is retired from the wheat fields. My grandfather also uprgraded his 95 he bought brand new in 1967 to a John Deere 7720 that had 800 original hours about a year ago. He also had a pick-up attachment header for the 95 when he would thrash Alfalfa, he gave that header to me. Someday I would like to try and harvest my own canola but I would probably need a semi load of combine putty and duct tape to seal the 105 up so I could thrash canola. I was curious if anyone knew if the header from a 95 or 105 could be put on a 7720 or 8820? I know I have seen people put the 200 series headers on the 95 and 105, but could it be done the other way around? If anyone has done this or know how I was curious if you could also explain how to do it and what parts I may need. Any time and help is highly appreciated.

Thanks Again,
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