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Header engages hard and sudden on 8120

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on the old 8010 when you engaged the header switch it would come on nice and easy and on the new 8120 it is a sudden "bang" and seems like it would be hard on things. Is there some sort of pressure setting or something i could look at or is this just how the new ones are? Thanks guys
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Have you done a calibration of the feeder?
no i haven't i'll give that a try thanks
I had the same problem on new 7120. Dealer mechanic notified CIH tech assist. They told him the valve body that controls this might have a problem. He took it off and all apart and found some rough edges on an internal part of the valve. He removed the scored marks with
real fine grit wet sandpaper, cleaned and flushed out the whole thing. Reassembled everything and low and behold, it worked perfectly. A nice gradual header engagement. I suggest you contact your dealer about the problem. Hope this helps.
I calibrated the CVT feeder drive and haven't had the head on yet but now it seems to engage nice and smooth
It's been awhile but I think you need to calibrate it with the head on and be careful because from what I remember you don't want anyone near the head because it does engage at a slow speed.After you calibrate the feeder,you should be able to engage the feeder at full throttle and it should engage nice and smooth.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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