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Header pressure on 630F on 9570

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I tried to start soybeans yesterday and it was a joke. I was digging the head into the ground, and making a mess. If any of you out there can help me, can you tell me what you run the AHC at, on the top right of the cornerpost? I assume that this is the pressure on the feederhouse? and also what do you run the hydroflex pressure at on the command center? I think my main problem is that we put the tracks on it and the cutterbar angle might be tilted to low.. Please help me...

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does it only say psi when you push #3?
if this is the case, sounds like you have too many buttons pushed. you only want to have the 2 on the left, the bottom middle, and the upper middle if you want dial-a-speed reel speed control.
do not have the upper right button pushed, this is float, something that is not used on Hydraflex heads
on our 9860 with a 35' I have #2 set at 1400 psi and #3 at 1600 psi and this year I can only run on the #3 setting because the ground is a little wet, on #2 it pushes all the time
Farmer Jones, What do you run the AHC at... in the top right corner or my cornerpost it says PSI and you turn the AHC knob to change it after you hit the number 3 on the joystick. I am stumped on this?
I appreciate the help guys... I think I know what you mean...... But on the command center when you hit the hydroflex button, and it comes up on the command center it says hyrdoflex pressure? what are you guys setting this at? I am under the understanding that they are 2 different settings?
You guys have been great help! I really appreciate it. i found out that the main problem was that the head was tipped to far down. I had to adjust the feederhouse.. thanks again
I love our 630f in soybeans! We put it on a 9550 walker machine, works it hard, I would go to a class 6 if we did it again. Tall soybeans slow you to 3 mph. The head is light years ahead of the 900s. The only thing the kept is the cheap stubble lights, yep they still last about a week then done. Super easy to fix, grease, hook up, and cuts awesome! Since it cuts so low the angle of it in relation to your feederhouse is crucial!
You may want to check your manual to, I believe with the combine on level ground raise the feeder house to 34'' from the ground to the pivot bolt on thefore and aft adjustment. then level the face of the feeder house 90 degree's from the ground.
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