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Have a 9870 in milo, it is grinding stalks and leaves up so bad it rides crop out of rotor. Have tried every cylinder speed, concave opening, concaves, accelerator speed air etc. At 3.5 mph it still leaves milo on ground. Concave is level, no dents in cage, crop moisture is 12-15, crop is green stalked and leaves, threshes easy. Had 2 large wire and 1 round bar, then tried 1 large wire and 2 round bars but difference. How can you get material out of rotor faster??? 8010 had vanes you can adjust flow. Faster cylinder speed helped a little but then we had excessive cracked grain. 1400 bu. An hour is sickening far 320k. Any solutions greatly appreciated. Corn-hole is 650 miles southwest of the corn belt in central texas.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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