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We have lowen type helical small wire concave in first position standard large wire at 2 and standard small wire at 3. We find this setup allows us to run the concave wider than with the standard three small wires we used previously.The wider concave then gives better straw quality when baling, better sample, less loss and a bit more output ,probablly use less fuel too .
Never done a real trial though were we have compared the two on same field on the same day.
Fitted it over winter about 7/8 years ago in 98 2388 and never wanted to go back, cut wheat barley oats and canola all with the same set up, most improvement in wheat and sometimes think small wire might be better in 2 for canola to reduce loading on sieves.

Bought a new 2388 2yrs ago and put the helical straight in, still in good condition much stronger and heavier than originals, We think it works even better in this combine but again we never even tried the factory option. We seem to be able to run the concave even wider and still thresh, in wheat we can leave most of the chaff on the straw.

Are there any independant trials on helicals out there?
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