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help me with installing curved bat spreaders.

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new to me 2005 2388....i bought the curved bat spreaders because the machine did not have them. the 1st step of the instructions is to drill a 17/32 inch hole in the hood extensions sheets. what is the hood extension sheet and is this step neccessary?

the included instructions are tells you to plug the existing hole...but it does not tell you what to do with the hole you drilled.
i figured since the curved bats would have been an option from factory i would just have to pick which position i wanted to mount them (fore/aft/middle) and go.

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If you put the curved bats on the spreaders and rotate them it will probably hit the "hood extensions", (what the rubber flap hangs off). If so, you will need to drill holes higher up where the spring loaded latches lock this in place. If you don't and they hit, the bats will make a mess. All you are doing is raising the tray so the bats don't hit beacause they are higher than the original plastic ones.
You also only need three bats per plate not the original 5 or 6 that were plastic. Also make sure to put the whole spreader assembly back on the correct side ie left & right. You want the bats pulling from the centre and throwing out. Don't laugh, I have seen them on the incorrect way so many times.
Get yourself the newer curtain kit (like last 25XX models had) as well with the reinforcing package. Works with the curved bats to give a more even spread and keeps the combine cleaner. Prevents the spinners from throwing material in the wheel and axle area. Reinforcing package prevents the curtain from contacting the curved bats and getting chewed up.
Yeah, the hood extension is that hinged piece that you lower to get to the sieves. The new holes you drill are for those latches. You'll like the new bats. They sure beat the heck out of the rubber ones that ours came with.

I know all about that. It doesn't take long to tear up the curtains. We saved some money last fall and made new curtains out of a rubber pickup bed mat. We made them longer than stock, then tied them into the bottom curtain. As it stands now the straw spreaders are completely isolated from the axle. I have no idea how it's going to work, but we'll find out in a month. If I like the results I'll put some pictures up.
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