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First- Was at show in Saskatoon yesterday, though maybe a smaller show, it was a really good show!!

The one item that caught my attention was new Honey Bee 50' AirFlex header.
The positives - it was simple
- lite and narrow on ends - reel drive for split reel, instead of drive on each end, has been moved to a common center drive
- dual knife drive, but instead of heavy hyd drives on each end, knife drive was located on right side of center draper and mechanical
-canvas drives are simple and mechanical - no hyd's
-new reel with what seemed like strong fingers and adjustable - either 2.5" spacing or 5" spacing. And reel itself looked quite robust

Concerns - whether "draper Shield" can actually replace pea auger - their video sure seemed to indicate it could
-whether reel fingers will stay tight in there mount after time. Agco had a similar looking finger on their new 5300 header, but with a stronger, non adjustable spacing mount

The negatives - just couldn't see any - looked like a lite, very well built header

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I saw that at the Red Deer show last fall. My list of positives and concerns, would be the same as yours. I'm wondering if anyone on this site happened to have a demo of one or knows someone who used this new header with the draper shield in peas or canola. It looks like such a simple idea, but its kinda pricey to go buy one and not have it work.
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