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hopper extension for 1480

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Does anyone know how big of a hopper extension can go on a 1480. We have the last model with the red roof and the drive tries on the back. Ideally I would like another 100 bushels but I wonder if the combine can take that much more extra weight. I also don't want to lose horsepower.
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I have a Big Top on mine and believe it to be about 90 to 100 bushels and have no problem with it. do not see any significant power loss but have yet to work in mud which I do not like to do.

The 1480 axles and drives were not designed for that much additional weight so you are probably looking at problems down the road. I guess it all depends on if you think the additional capacity is worth the added risk of axle or drive failure. The rear axle will also need to be beefed up.

What style hubs do you have on the front axles. Are they the solid hub, does it have 3 bolts holding the hub to the axle or is it a single bolt holding the hub to the axle? If it is either of the last 2 I would want to change the axle and hub out as the are considerably weaker than the solid hub and axle.

Good luck!
our 1480 has extensions(goes straight up on top of the factory ones) and has elevator housing extension so the elevator is at the top of the extension. cant remember the name of kit but has been on it for several years. its probably 70 bu more . i put a tank sensor off a 21 series and wired up a light for a full bin(you cant see the bin very good )
It should fit to the tank fine, they really weren't any different on top than a 1680 (or a 2588, for that matter). But you're probably gonna need a booster for the clean grain auger of some sort, and you're probably gonna have final trouble at some point. I think you can retro the cast final drive covers from a 1680 if you don't already have them - or you can use a set of scrapyard 2188 finals, but it'd be pricey.
I put a Mauer hopper extension on a 1640 and it couldn't take the weight. Had someone else running it and they went through a ditch too fast and hard with a full tank. The frame and mounts for the front axle broke and bent. Totalled the machine out since it would cost more to fix than machine listed for. It lasted for 3-4 years with the extension so maybe you can get buy with it if your careful. Maybe the 1480 is made heavier than a 1640, but you might want to check, if you have badger holes or deep ditches to traverse.
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