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Hopper Tarps and Auger extensions on 9870

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Hey we just ordered 2 09 9870s and i am looking for advice on hopper tarps and auger extensions haven't bought anything yet just looking to see 4whats good. We are running two 40 foot heads if that helps.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts They make auger extensions for the HUR, we ran them for one year and will be putting them on our 09 as well, wouldn't be without them.
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Too keep moisture out be it rain or snow if machine sits away from home or when header does not allow shed entry.

I second the Michel's electric rolltarp. Be aware it adds to the overall height of the machine. My 9770 with the tarp has 6"
clearance under a 16' door that is the same height as the rafters.
9770 has the metric version of the 30.5-32 tire.


How much are the extensions and are they easy to put on?
I get a new combine every year and would have to take it off and put it on every year.
They are not hard, they require no welding at all. We traded up to 2009s and our dealer is moving them for us. It is easier with a forklift or some sort of platform.
Bumping an ancient thread but does anybody make a combine tarp that is easy to remove so hopper can be foled down for storage at end of season?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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