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how does johndeere measure auger lenghth

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i was talking to a jd salesman and how other combines had a 26 foot auger ages ago and are up to 28 foot augers already. then he asked me how they measure this 28 foot auger. well i said from the middle of the combine. he said john Deere measures from the edge of the side panel. now that i think about it i'd say its a bunch of bs. does anyone know how jd measures.
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i wondered the same thing always assumed ours was the length of the auger but cat measure the reach from the middle of the machine so now sure maybe someone does
All manufactures now measure from the center of the machine
thanks. i thought so. knew he was full of it. let me tell you, that salesman is marked for life
I was waiting for someone to say "with a tape measure"..... Oh that's bad......
I believe you need to rethink this one manufactures do measure from center in specs with auger in stowed position but out in unload position it would be from side panel.
so our 9600 with a 20 ft auger is 20 feet from the side panel or 20 feet from centre?
With a tape measure

Sorry I didn't see this thread quick enough
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Deere measure from side panel because when i order my 9870 i ask would it be long enought for a45 ft flex draper when i went to see it at the factory thats how they measure it for me the 26 ft measure at 27.5 feet
According to the newest operators manual available, the dimensions Deere gives are from the center of the machine. They are measured out to the inside of the unloading auger boot. It is 25.1' for the 22.5' auger and 27.7' for the 26' auger (wondering if it's a misprint and supposed to be 28.7', but I don't have one to measure). If you measured to the outside of the boot, you would easily gain a foot. I measured a 22.5' tube on a new 9870STS and from the center of the turret to the end of the tube (not including the boot) was right at 22.5' with the auger folded back. I would say the 22.5' and 26' measurements they are using are the tube itself. I remember Deere saying in one of there competitive comparison bulletins when the Claas 500 series came out, that Deere's 22.5' auger was the same as Claas's 26' auger.
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