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How hard is it to own a combine?

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Hi I want to buy a McCormick 80 combine. It seems in pretty good shape and the price is good but it's old I know. I have a friend that keeps telling me "they are to much work to make it worth while". I was wanting to ask anyone out there how hard is it to take care of a old combine? I only have about 10 acres now and hope to expand to 50 or 60.
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Probably can't get parts for that machine anymore. U need to think about that
IMO, you are foolish to consider the thought. Find a local farmer who needs harvest help and trade your labor assisting him for him cutting your crop.

If you are very mechanically inclined and need such tasks to unwind from your highly paid and stressful job, buy an old car. They require much smaller garages and someone will buy it when you get bored.

If you are poor and highly stressed, just go hit your thumb with a hammer. No need to buy the combine to use as an anvil.
I wouldn't touch something like that. It's obsolete and parts are hard to find. You would be hunting around lots of scrap yards. Yeah ideally you could get another farmer to help you out in exchange for labour but that isn't always feasible. As well money isn't plentiful so you do what you have to. My question are you mechanically inclined and willing to fabricate parts? For 10 acres if this old girl works and you have the time to keep it running and it's cheap go for it. If anything you will learn how combines work so when you park this one in the bush it won't owe you anything. Just remember to always be looking for parts machines and other sources.
Just remember to always be looking for parts machines ....
Thats very true. If you are going to have junk, you have to have a lot of it.
For 10 acres and a machine like that, if your goal is "fun and hobbies" and have an interest, go for it.
I'm with Tbone on this also. If you enjoy wrenching on old stuff, maybe fabricating parts etc. than it should fit the bill. But, have someone lined up to custom cut your 10 acres in the event you can't keep the old machine running. If you're like me, shop time keeps you out of the house, in a peaceful shed....
shop time keeps you out of the house, in a peaceful shed....
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