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How many new 20/88 series?

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Just wondering how many new 20 and 88 series Axail-Flow combines were out running this past season.
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Sorry i thought it would let you vote more than once for those of us that run more than one, we ran 2 8120s with tracks this year.
I didn't vote since my new one is for 2010 season. (ordered last August)
17 locally here.
1 x 9120
9 x 8120
2 x 7120
3 x 7088
2 x 6088
Hey! How come there isn't a 1460 option on the list? I wanna vote too
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in my area
4 8120's
3 7120's
and a 7088
but out of there 7 dealer ships they sold 32 new combines lasy year.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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