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My deere double cuts go good. I cut about 3000acres per year on a header, 36'. Wheat and barley. Lots of soil type over the 35 miles I am spread out on. I changed them all the first year just because I didn't want them slowing me down pushing grain towards the end of the next year. Not so sure I would worry about that much anymore with the double cuts, great sections if the gaurds are in fair condition. Don't plan on changing them all this year, but I do have a spare sickle now just in case.

For breaking them, I only change maybe a dozen at the most. Make sure the header floats properly. When I got the combine and header it was not good. Had small lift cylinders and did not float properly at all. Broke a lot more guards and sections. Replaced cylinders with proper sized ones for the header and maybe broke half dozen guards since, at most. Hardly ever straighten them now. It came with a custom guard straightener when I bought it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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