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how to get 8120 to spread?

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we run green machines and dealer is doing demo of 8120.
pretty nice machine, but not doing a very good job chopping or spreading, (maybe 25 or 30 ft) 40 macdon on front. stubble is underseeded so trying to get even disribution instead of 2 rows of straw 20 ft apart.
i don't think this dealer has sold more than 3 new combines in 4 years.
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is your chopper in high gear? Then your spreader speed is just on your console.
Having that internal chopper unfortuatly limits the chop and spread of these combines. The spinners seem to throw the straw into the rear wheels, not away from the combine. It has always been one of the weakspots on the red machines.
Most of the time you need the double knives on chopper to make it fine cut. Make sure the knives are all the way in on the adjustment.The chopper in high range. You can speed the spreaders to 750 rpms then bend the rods to adjust your pattern. Best to have the adjustable distributor installed instead of rods, Then adjusting your pattern is easy. It will eliminate windrows of straw or chaff.
put spreader motors as fast as they go, bend rods tighter against the spreaders
Put a solid pan kit(forget the kit #) on an 08 8010 this year. Take plastic cover off spreader motors, take six bolts out that hold on finger assembly, and new solid spreader "wings" bolt on in its place. Adjust solid spreader fins 1/2" away from spreader bats. Have combine spreading 40' now. Actually, when its tough in the late evening it will spread around 42'. It also spreads even across the entire width. No matter how you bend the fingers it will not match this solid setup because to much fine wheat straw sifts through the fingers not allowing a consistent and wide spread width. Just my $.02.
takes about 35 hp with fine cut chopper, speed up and bend rods, scott.
I have no idea how many hp it takes but a local dealer demoed a 9120 last fall against a customers 8120. The 9120 had the magna cut chopper and the 8120 had either the fine cut or the standard cut. A bit of a difference I know but I can't remember!
They were working in canola and the 9120 couldn't really go any faster than the 8120. So I guess it takes about 60 hp? That is coming from a dealer so take it for what it's worth.
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North1 it's good to hear Case is offering the solid pan or adjustable distributor as a kit now. I had to order it through parts
in pieces and put it together.
i bent the rods and that did the trick, thanks for the advice guys, it was fairly impressive demo.
except the feederhouse wanted to slug fairly easy.
troubles with our 8120s spreading evenly as well. Dry standing straw it does a perfect job. Lodged heavy straw constint windrowing and cumps of straw. Have rods bent all different sorts of ways to make it work. Not very handy.
I have to apologize Mike216. Apparently it isn't offered as a kit. As I understand it the assembly came from a combine that was originally slated for europe. The dealer took it off and put original fingers on it and had it laying around. Didn't know this until I called looking for another one for a friend. They originally had two, and the farmer that got the other one also called to get more, so I'm not the only one who thinks they are a big improvement.
the best way is to get outta the dream cab... grab a 15/16 wrench... bend the right fingers down.... piss around with the left fingers a lil bit.... take those plastic deflecters and drill hole between the 2 factory ones and place bolts there ( since they are on too tight of schedule to do it at the dam factory...... 8010 has multiple holes to adjust too.... but whatever) last but not least turn those spreaders wide open... which on mine is only 710
My 7010 has multiple holes, but the manual tells you not to use them. Never have figured out the reason.
dap54 use the other holes it will make a difference.
Have tried the solid instead of the fingers didnt do a good jop spreads well but leaves empty in the center of machine
You can move the unit ahead or rearward by adjusting the center drawbolt. This will control how much straw is in the center or outer edges. I have to reposition mind when I go from wheat to soybeans.I saw a video on YOU-Tube where someone had put a electric motor on the drawbolt and they can adjust the pattern from the cab.
There is a kit you can get from CNH to move the deflectors front & back and either side up and down independently from the cab.
88.230.19(02) Parts diagram. Its under the 8120 accesories in the online parts book. There should be a kit for it. Can not find number though. The spreader deflectors are wider and work better and have been used on a manual adjustable spreader. They work better than the narrow ones.
my rods are close to the spreadders, and i spread with ease to my next cut, ussally have to slow down spreaders, so it stays out of next cut, i have doubble nives on a 40 headder
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