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I really enjoy seeing everyones pictures here, and since the photobucket thing it has been a bit harder, or maybe some just need a bit of a how-to so I figured id try and make one.

First, make an account on flickr.

When i did some searching, this came up as one of the best replacements for photobucket, and is quite similar. Ive used it for a post here already so it does work.

once on flickr, hit the upload button pointed out by the arrow. next select your photos to be uploaded from a file, or drag them over. hit the upload photos button in the top right corner.

cfht1 by TRENT SIEMENS, on Flickr

hit the share buttom, as pointed out by the arrow.

cfht2 by TRENT SIEMENS, on Flickr

in this popup, go to the bbcode tab.
make size 640x468.
then select the whole link above the size and copy it.

cfht3 by TRENT SIEMENS, on Flickr

paste it on to your post. I like to leave a blank line above and below so as not to mess with the link. after a few times, with decent internet the whole process should only be 10-20 seconds/picture

cfht4 by TRENT SIEMENS, on Flickr

preview before posting.

if there is something i missed let me know.

use this thread as a test if you want
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