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hi to all forum, i'm a new user of this group
i need help about hydraflex platforms from you because in italy none can help me
i have one 9780 cts year 2002 serial 073... and yesterday arrive my new flex platform 600 hydraflex
i attach the header to combine and i can't do the calibration
in my combine i don't have the hydraflex pressure button in command arm, i don't have the n°21 wire in the quickcoupling and also the corner dispay correct (i think)
i hope that ahc circuit board may be upgradable.
my dealer in italy say me that doesn't exist any conversio kit but i've find in u.s. this kit:BH84094 Cab Header Height Sensing Controls Display Conversion
Converts 50 Series Combines In-Cab Controls and Display for use with a 600 Series HydraFlex Platform. Includes Software and CornerPost Display for HydraFlex Control and Operation, and Reel/Deck Plate Resume. 50 Series Combines Up to PIN 694000 require AH217993 Circuit Board
have someone used this kit? may be compatibile with my combine? what parts are included in kit?
i hope in your help
best regards at all!

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thanks to all for your help, really i help my john deere dealer and mechanic to resolve this problem because none have the solution, there are few of combines that works with hydraflex all in manual control because if you convert combine all with spareparts is not 200 USD of the kit but the final price is about 3800 USD for AHC circ board, cornerpost display, commandarm reel/deck plate resume, ecc..
this isn't only my problem but a general problem in italy where are used 600 f hydraflex heads for soja because in europe aren't used so much ( 99 % are 600 rigid headers) but in north italy have a lot of soja and none are interested to resolve this problem because the market is restricted in numbers of machines.
whit your help this morning i contact my dealer and its have just contact john deere USA for have informations about this bundle that isn't available in italy.
i hope to resolve with this bundle but in this days i have studied the wiring diagram of 9780 cts and i creates a temporary circuit that permits me to calibrate the 600f hydraflex like a 900f flex head, all height sensors works, contourmaster works inn automatic mode, reel position & speed resume works, only hydraflex pressure doesn't work but i can work with fixed pressure and with an external selfmade circuit board i can increase and decrease the pressure with drapper speed button

for shooter:
between 9780 cts and '97 cts there are important differences, engine power 370 hp vs 270 hp ( for our conditions 370 hp are too few in fact the hew cts C670 have 430 hp), clean grain elevator are bigger (we have an average of 16-17 tons for hectare 10.000 m2 of corn and the first series of cts are limited by the elevator transport capacity), grain tank is electrically foldable and have 11.000 liter vs 7500 liter of old cts, electrical plant and cabin are all different, for the rest the combine are equal

thanks to all

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Hy to all
Hy Stewart
Attach a header 600F hydraflex to a non hydraflex combine isn't so simple like you say because isn't a problem change hydraflex pressure.. problem is that combine doesn't calibrate.. but not even impossible.

The ways are two:

A: Change AHC circuit board and install BH84094 Cab Header Height Sensing Controls Display Conversion but for european versions the wire positions are different respect bundle instructions (but if someone needs i have the corret european positions) with a lot of Euro (or Dollars) in spare parts.

B: Modify the electrical wiring of 600F hydraflex. Modify can be made in two ways:

B1: modify the wiring positions in 600F electrical connector
Advantage: no spare parts needed, no AHC change needed.
Disadvantage: header doesn't work in another combine hydraflex ready..better.. works like a non hydraflex header and you must calibrate all combines in witch you have attach this header

B2: creating a wiring piece to connect from the combine connector to the original 600F connector
Advantage: you can use 600 F hydraflex in all combines, you just add or remove the modify wiring piece
Disadvantage: you need buy a couple of original connectors (male-female) with the problem to find the combine connector in combine with single-point hook connection (not available like original spare part)

I've studied combine & 600F hydraflex wiring diagrams, changing wires positions in electrical connector, decoupling some wires and adding two wires i was able to calibrate 600F hydraflex, automatic headertrack & height controll works perfect, hydraflex pressure can be adjusted trought drapper speed regolation pushbutton.

If someone needs the new wiring diagram contact me and i sent it via e-mail.

For the record... i'm just waiting that John Deere Italia resolve my problem.... ;-).. luckily i get along well with wires & Co. and with some nights past studing wiring diagrams i've found the solution.. but there are other farmes that are 3-4 years that waiting the solutions and harverst in manually mode...

Bye to all comunty
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