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Ill try and describe it as best i can so bare w/me....Combine is a late build 1480.
First leak is near the front/drive axle. By following the hoses it appears to be the supply for the rear wheel peel(4x4). There is a little square block that looks to bolt into a larger gear/drive case. Near as i can tell it looks to be leaking right where the 2 meet....Is this possible, is there a seal or gasket or something in there?All the lines are tight, so i dont think its one of them or a o-ring....
2nd one is back on the aux pump. There's a pin that goes into the bottom of the pump and swivels back and forth. Im not exactly sure what controls the motion,but there is hytran coming out right there,as the little platform right below it is just covered and then drips do on the hoses below...Is there an o-ring up in there?
If anyone is able to comprehand this, how big of tasks are these to fix? Im 5-6 on 1-10scale of being mecahanical. Im ok if im working w/someone better, but tend to screw up when things get really techincal...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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