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Hydraulic temp on 9600 and 936d

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Last year when I ran the 9600 down the road or had the hydro running wide open the hydraulic temp buzzer would light up. The radiator was clean so im not sure where to look. Could the hydro be going out? Also I am going to run a 936d on the combine this year and I will need to run the hyd. motors for the drapers. How do the hydraulics on the combine handle this? THanks!
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Update your unload swing switch, located top of your unload auger , install new time module kit.When your auger is swung in or out the hyd. system is running over relief causing x-tra heating.
Always put the unloading auger switch back to the middle position once the auger is in or out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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