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hydrostat pump on a 2588

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anyone else out there had hyro-pump troubles on new 2588 's..this one only one year old and we've got it out and gone too get fixed with warranty of coarse but this combine has been a lemon. with a list of to me.
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We have an 08 2588. Maybe 500 hours on it. It has been great. My main two complaints are very minimal. It used to jump out of rotor gear after switching gears, but for some reason, has seemed to fix itself. The inner engine radiator gets built up with light chaff on the bottom half. Vacuumed it off for the first time today, after maybe 500 hours. Very nicely refined imo from the 2388 and I bet the newer ones even more.
what`s wrong with the hydro.... seals? what other problems?
We had a frost plug pop out of the transmission, lost all oil and the transmission locked up in road gear. Put the header on the ground, then the transmission split and free wheeled to a stop.

Skid marks on road, 21.5 mph to 0 mph in 1 second!

Aside from that 900 hrs and no significant problems, and it will thrash with class 7 machines.
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Did it have water in it? Why would the plug pop out I wonder?
No idea, mechanic said it just looked like it fell out.
No problems with ours, have been great machines. Man that is ugly redgreen, talk about scaring the [email protected]#$ out of ya. Better check mine out, thanks for the pic and info anyway.
I bought a 2388 2 years ago and had Hydro trouble right off the bat called dealer and they said Hydro out and I said nope it is the foot valve so they changed the hydro.
Didn't fix a thing so they said bad Hydro I said foot valve they said they never fail and changed Hydro.
Didn't fix it so yesterday they show up with gauges and checked the Hydro then changed the foot valve just to show me guess what BAD FOOT VALVE.
Engine power was way low also so when the service manager cranked the combine he got off and did something don't know what but it took him about 30 seconds and now it is fine.
2 complete Hydros, pumps, filters. and it was a bad foot valve.
Good news I finished this years crop last night
Sounds like a freak deal....that's what warranty is for. What are some of the other problems?
Ya we just a bought a 2588 with not even 500hrs and the hydro stat pump went. We were one swath from finishing sunflower harvest and started to turn around and combine stopped. It was a 24hr shut down for us but couldn't believe it with the low hrs.
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