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I got one!!

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Finally found a really nice 1660. its an 86 model with all the upgrades done to it. 3900hrs newer rotor and walker bushings. this combine is in great shape for the year and the guy only wants 14,500 for it delivered to my door field ready. hes going to fix the tranny which is shifting hard from front to back and the rotor speed sensor is bad which hes going to fix. new bearings in the feeder house drum. It starts and runs great and the interior looks like new. It was sitting next to a 2388 and the paint was just as good if not better. Hes a case IH dealer and he said he would give me one year of parts at his cost if anything breaks down. It does need a set of tires up front soon but other than that Its the best combine in my price range I have seen so far. looks like I will finally get me a good combine that will last me a while.
Can't wait to try her out on my beans this year. Now I just need to find a head for it...
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well congrats!!! just wondering where the walker bushings are on a rotor combine?
good luck hope it works out for you i bet your glad you didnt buy the 1420 you were thinking about. best of luck this fall let us know how it works for you
well what ever bushings you replace they were replaced lol.
a 1420 would have been plenty but this 1660 will sure do the job a lot faster and its in a lot better shape!
Shaker bushings, and congrats! I'm sure you'll like the 1660 much better than a 1420. It'll be good to have a machine that still has parts available.

Looking forward to some pics this fall.
i had a 1991 /1660 for about fifteen years it was a very dependable machine i have a 7120 today and some payments to go along with it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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