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This is my first time I have posted on this site although I have viewed it a lot for info and entertainment. I am amazed no one started a topic about these new seedhawk tanks but I guess everyone's been blowing out fans and shimming rollers and pulling them out looking at them and putting them back in to only repeat, or dealing with the most inconvenient conveyor possible to load lol. I be had some luck trimming ends of high displacement rollers on motor side about a quarter inch and tapering the side that butts up to back of meter housing to get it to meter out 120 lb of phos the low displacement ones I ve pretty much gave up on and am just puttin all fert down fert shank instead of the usual 30 % with seed which I think is better for plant health early. I m on third generation of canola rollers which look promising but only have 30 hours on them. Conveyor drive motors look different now and will actually spin the belt so that's a plus but the arm that holds it is about as strong as a dented Pepsi can. I hope I'm just paranoid but I'm concerned about distribution even with canola tank pressure line run. Hope I m the only one having problems but I kinda think they can't even use the line " we've never heard that before "
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