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Had a issue last night cutting beans. Was cutting just fine and then all of a sudden the seperator stopped and the belt began to slip. I get up and open the engine compartment and there is hydralic fluid from the PTO leaking at a pretty good pace. (all this takes place and night so I really can't see).There is still a little bit on the PTO dipstick.
I got it home and take the side panels off and see it's plugged (rotor) I break it loose. Here's my question should I fill the PTO up and open up the seives and try to blow out the plug? Or am I setting myself up to do more damage? Is there alot of hydralic pressure on the PTO? Is there a pressure valve on the PTO? I can't seem to find exactly where the leak is, unless I fire it back up.
I call the implement dealer to have someone look at it but they won't be able to until Tuesday.
Any advice?
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