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info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and others

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To anyone with experience,

I came across davedan's posts from a year ago on converting the intake and exhaust on a 9600 to breathe better. I am thinking of doing this b/c am interested in chipping the engine up toward 300 hp.

Can you post picts and/or parts list? What has your experience with the intake/exhaust setup been?
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Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

I used a donaldson stg donaclone air filer assemblies with non perforated inlet, donaldson exhaust ejector tube in place of the oem mufflers, and a donaldson inline seperator for the ejector hose to connect to. Basically makes it a 3 stage cleaning system before filter elements. I dont run 300hp in my 9600s but im sure with a bigger or custom aftercooler it can be done with no issues as long as the oem muffler is removed.
What exactly are you needing 300hp for? I have also removed the chips and am modifying the pumps to get the hp.
Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

We would like to put a 35 or 36 foot flex head on it for running soybeans. Have some green stems a lot of the time. Would like to run 4-4.5 mph. I guess a 30ft running 5-5.5 would get a person the same place.

300 hp is not a magic number for me, but I just too 250 hp on the corn version and (in my mind only thus far) added a 20% chip and that takes you to 300. I figured with a chip, modded intake and exhaust, and pyrometer the power shouldn't be too much of an issue. Is the corn engine already pretty much maxed out?

Thoughts on this? What other mods would you suggest? Thinking of 125% beater speed, cylinder filler plates, new concave and that would prob get us a long way.
Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

Yes a 30ft head doing 5-5.5 would be the same but the machine wont last as many years if you get in bad field conditions often at those speeds. I like to run larger heads and back off on ground speed and to the same amount of work.
Your right about a 260hp corn machine getting to 300 pretty easily at 20%
No I dont think the engine is maxed out. corn or not its still a 7.6 liter engine capable of more power.
My concern with all deere combines including my 50walker Ive had isses with, is that of the deere OEM aftercoolers installed in these machines that are in my opinion sub standard and made by the lowest bidder. Im sure youve heard of these coolers cracking mainly because of being furnaced brazed. I had major issues with my 50 last season in this area and had no choice but to put an oem back in it, didnt have time to make a custom one up,is I did I would have made it larger.
In my opinion the aftercoolers are the heart of any modded diesel, if you cant keep the egts down it wont last. Keep close eyes on the fins of the cooler to make sure they are straight enough to clean and self clean as well. If any grain enters the engine compartment or get splashed in front of the rotary screen either from a leaky elevator head or extension, your lookin for trouble and this will sureley ruin your cooling system and aftercooler.
If the cooler is in good shape then a pyrometer probably isnt necessary, unless you are givin it enough fuel to make it haze under load constantly, or 30% increase. Extreme heat is something to think about too.
If youve ever set off the seperator temperature light in the 9600 then either the switch is bad or you have extreme operating conditions and exhaust must go and add a pyro.
Yes on the beater speed up kit in small grains but might crack beans and milo, havent cracked corn yet with mine up to 125% speed.
I think one of the best things I got rid of on my rigs is the choppers. If you can do without them trash them, they shake too much, cost too much, and suck too much horsepower.
We bale almost all our straw here and have never needed choppers, spreaders work just fing.
Youll need the larger 2 3/8" lift cylinders for the feeder house with heads over 30 ft. You might get by with stockers but if the pump gets a little weak you might have issues, and also your accumulator will be too sluggish even at almost closed settings.
If you can get rid of the OEM beater youll be much happier also, either loewen, PF or sunny makes good beaters much more aggressive than stock. Also Ive dropped all the beater grates to the bottom position in all my machines and have had no backfeeding issues since. No loss to speak of on walkers either however our wheat here is super dry.
A cheap mod is to raise the back end of the machine up by putting the axle in the bottom position holes, and 16.9-24s or larger on the rear, raking the machine in the rear helps with shoe and walker loss.
Get rid of the beater grate curtain, NOT the two curtains on top of the walkers, just the one that mounts to the back of the beater grate, infront of the walkers.
Cut the wires in your concave so the back half is wide open with no wires to help walker loss.
Ignore the factory settings of the precleaner and open it up a bit if not the same as the bottom sieve and add another 100+ rpm of air, or as much as air as you can as long as you dont catch any with a shovel hanging over the back as it makes a pass.
I like 1250rpm air in heavy wheat with my 50 walker cutting 36 ft.
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Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

Any thoughts on upgrading the aftercooler? Does anyone carry a bolt on mod for that? Would it have to be a custom fab job?
Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

At the moment, I have my 9600's aftercooler out for a cleaning and fin straightening. I cannot believe the amount of dirt and debris in it. I blew this out every morning during harvesting too. While I have it out, probably should check it for leaks also.
Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

Dave, what gph are you getting out of your 9600's. I am putting together my case against Mark. By the way be on the look out for my trailer. Someone stole it on the 13th. It was a 6x10 with a new IR 30 gallon compressor. Kohler engine. Also had all my jacks, and hoists in it. Let me know if someone comes by wanting to sell tools.

Sorry to rob your thread.

After Cooling is key to performance. Air flow is the key to a good after cooler. Play around with trying to keep the cooler clean. A leaking after cooler will cause a lot of soot build up in the oil.
Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

Well I had the aftercooler checked out. It failed misserably
. All the tubes to tank (outlet side) connections leaked. I guess there is really no fixing these either.

Anyone know of any aftercoolers available in the aftermarket?

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Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

pm davedan. i beleive he has changed his over to a better cooler.
Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

Had one with several cracks where the tubes meet the tanks and it could not be repaired, 9650, I didnt have time to have one built and had to get bent over by deere on a new one. My radiator guy agreed that resonance and harmonic vibration is what ruined this cooler, possibly vibration or turbulance from the roaring fan. THey are not rubber mounted and are all furnace brazed to save production costs, so there isnt much weld holding it together. I put rubber between all the mounting surfaces on the new one and havent checked it since.
Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

A few thoughts:

The air cleaner assembly for a 9610 will fit perfectly on a 9600 and gives a ton more filtering capacity, it will cost several hundred in parts to convert it. I dont run any other precleaner and have had good results keeping the stock setup in good shape.

The air to air is a flawed design from the start - take a look at the cross tubes - they are staggered and trap derbis easily. A big part of keeping the cooler clean is having a good rotary screen brush and door seal. One built to handle more thrash flow and stay clean and would be a huge improvement.

Late 95, for sure 96 and up 96xx's have revised tubing to reverse the direction of air flow thru the after cooler and make it cool better. Earlier combines can be changed to this setup.

The newest muffler part # for the higher hp 9600's is a good piece also, not as good flowing as a straight pipe, but not a choker either.

what are your current parameters when running in tough conditions?

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Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

i have a filter housing out of a 50 walker, same as the 9610 if your interested. The setups Im using are quite different and far more advanced than oem mainly because of our extreme dust conditions. Muffler has to go if you want it to live especially when adding fuel. You wont hear it in the cab either.
Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

I am not able to help much but more power in green stems is not the answer. Conventional combines have a hard time doing green stems. It's not as much the power as the way they are thrashed.

Re: info on 9600 intake/exhaust, davedan and other

Hard not to argue that, in weedy conditions ive had no issues but have seen rotors next to me with the same HP plug up. I see cylinder/rotor weight or inertia and the right HP being the only two factors.
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