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Installing yield monitor to older 2388

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I would like to add a yield monitor to an 06 mdl 2388. I would like to swing the AFS system of CaseIH's because I like the Pro 600 color monitor( have it on a tractor). Has anyone done it? What would it cost me from scratch? Opinions on other systems are welcome.
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yes, this can be done. The Pro600 AFS yield monitor kit can go on any 2100 series or newer Case IH combine. Your dealer can quote you prices. The Ag Leader system would be the other leading contender, but if you already have the Pro600, the AFS kit is a no-brainer.
I agree with torn. I have the ag leader insight in my 2188 and it's great. VERY accurate. But if you already have the Pro 600, go with that. You won't have to purchase the monitor, only the sensors for the combine which if i were to guess will be around 3000.00. I rented an 8010 this fall and it had the pro 600 and it's yield, moisture, etc. were very accurate as well.
Re: Follow up question

Sensor and harness' would be needed but my question is about software. Is it already in the Pro 600 or is there something I don't know about?
The software probably is not on the pro-600 display if it is in a tractor, but your local dealer will be able to come out and put the combine yield monitor software on the display. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to do this.
their a agleader pf3000 on ebay wires and sensors might work for you
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