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Intelligent Power Management on a 9870

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We are running a 12 row Drago chopping corn head on our 9870 and need to figure out how tell the combine that is a 612C StalkMaster to get our extra HP?
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It looks like Pin 4 and 10, or wire 802 and 250 at the header conn.
its pin 4 and 18
that doesn't work, tried it.
ststech, could you contact me in regaurds to IPM.
4 and 18 work on the 9770's. To tell it what head is on.
it will tell it that it has a chopping corn head, but it won't engage IPM on a 9870
was the combine ordered with this option, not all have them?
I.p.m requires a speed sensor input , which is inside the chopping gearcase, rumor has it that it can be done , with a reostat setup, exactly what speed
wiring harness is shown on serv. advisor.Problem is most of the 9870sts we have out don't have i.p.m, but the ones that do would like to have it available.Should also note that most are competitive cornhead owners.
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has anybody had failure of separtor grates falling out on 9770 sts ??
Call Headsight

Headsight, Inc offers a kit for this that is compatible with existing Headsight height sensor systems which almost all aftermarket chopper heads use. If you don't already have a calibration box mounted to the back of your head you need to buy that and a cable $855 and $310 and then both the 'foresight' unlock and power boost unlock codes $500 and $250. Totaling $1915. They consider it a premium package just for JD 9870 combines. The foresight system is for down corn which allows the head to run almost on the ground without the snouts digging in.
Cannot be done son. There are more things only mother deere knows biult in to prevent ipm without a stalkmaster head.
I know you have to order IPM option on the combine, the combine has to see the chopping head attached and the LC3 (I think) also has to see a certain RPM's from Chopping gearcase. Does anybody know what RPM's it is looking for?
Surely there is a juice box made for the 13.5 liter by now and that would be way easier and cheaper.
i read this thread with intresting because next year i will change my corn head with one capello ore geringhoff with chopper.
reading this thread i understand that in new combines (t, s, ore c series) I.P.M. can be activated if the header have rpm sensors on chopper.
is it correct?????? i know that I.P.M. is activated when there is a high load power, when you attach the rear combine chopper and during unloading on-the-go harvest but never hear thet IPM can be activated with the chopper in corn head.can you explain me exactly??
no, not with the rear chopper. only with the corn head attached. unloading boost is extra power again when unloading auger is engaged, has nothing to do with corn head boost
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