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Went to the Farm Progress show yesterday and had a couple good talks with some Case guys we know that have been around a long time.
First off we were disappointed that they did not have there new 60' planter bar there. They said something about not wanting other manufacturers crawling all over it yet. If a guy is interested in it they set up a time to go look at it at a Case facility. But i guess they have 40 made and 36 are sold.
The most interesting news was that apparently NH has realized that their integration scheme isn't working all that great and is going to be giving Case more freedom. It sounds like NH is going to be focusing on where their strengths are (ie. compact tractors, bi-directional tractors, hay tools...) and Case will do the same with their tractors, combines/headers, planting, spraying equipment.
The guys we talking to were quite excited and said this is something that has just come down the pipe in the last 3mos or so.
I guess we have been frustrated with how slow Case has been to realize some things and it sounds like things should start improving.
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