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The Moisture sensor is probably right. I had to change two cornerpost modules on my 9650 and both times during installation you haved to enter all the correct parameters of your machine into the new module, things like what model machine, what engine, type of finals, tires, and hours, etc. Without a doubt the cornerpost has already been changed and they didnt put the correct hours into the new hour meter, either because they didnt note the original hours, or they were hoping down the road they could make it sell as a newer machine.
I dont want to start crap with you and your sales people but Ive changed these modules myself and know what is involved. These problems are common on all the 50 series and up and Im sure theres plenty of them floating around.
There are other ways to tell if your machine has the actual 1500, or if it really has 2800 hrs on it.
Have the conveyer auger bearings in front been changed yet, or do they still have green paint on them? Have the shoe cam bearings been changed, or still green? How about feeder house floor parts?
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