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Hey guys, has anybody heard whats coming at intro? There's a thread on toy tractor times talking about the new numbering system. Crazy!
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- 5003 Replacements
- 5603 Replacements
- 6003 Replacements
- 6030/7030 Premium Updates
- Combine Updates & New Headers
- New Loaders and Updates
- New Greenstar 2 hardware and updates
- Maybe More?
New headers? Are the 600 series platforms and cornheads outdated?
YEP There outdated junk throw them in the crick, along with the STS machines. JK
Not all new headers, just a couple... Think draper & rigid
Basically setting up for the future.

There will also be an update to the Greenstar stuff too. Basically a new addition to the lineup.

Perhaps that new 48 row planter will be unveiled but I don't know.
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any chance of a folding version of the corn head?
Think they can out do the biggest ever introduction of last year, that was mostly new hoods decals and Tier III engines?
Any real information on release dates? and not just internet gossip
I have some, but have been told I cannot release it... I know of 3 for sure product updates/new products.
I'm well connected in the harvesting world, I don't know much about anything other than that. Sorry...
Well right now JD has the 4895 & 4995 windrowers. I was guessing the new ones would be a 5000 something.
I have heard rumors of a new kick a$$ windrower, I hope its true.
I have heard rumors of a new kick a$$ windrower, I hope its true.

Well check this out:

Its a windrower made form a 6000 tractor!
Their should be a bigger one based on 7000.
New windrowers will be 6 Series (4896, 4996), and are supposed to be for Model year 2010 (not this intro, next one).
I'll be betting on a JD 40ft draper....seen it outside of Carmen OK
I think the dealer meeting is in July sometime forthe introductions.
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