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Our 870 has just developed a squeal from the engine. It has the 336 ci diesel with ~9500 hrs, but has a good powershift. I had to go to work and did not have time to get it home and pull the pan. It is either a main or something else on the crank as the noise is steady and changes with RPM. I still have oil pressure. I was reading on other forums that there is issues with the balancer!

We need this up and running asap so I am looking for a motor vs. an overhaul. Just wondering if someone on here has one or knows where one is, with around 5000 max hours (there are a few around here but have 10k min.) I can load / take the whole tractor if there is one laying around with other issues **cough cough** powershift.

PM me or email at yetilikesbeer(at)Hotmail(dot)com.

Would prefer something within 200 km's of Mayerthorpe AB. But can go further for better deals

Our other tractors take to long to push snow in the yard compared to the nimble 870. But we could manage. I have a plan B if the motor / overhaul is going to cost to much.

Thanks for reading.
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