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IVECO motor question

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What excatly is going on with the CNH motors. Was told that CUMMINS would do warranty work but now here that there was a split between CUMMINS and IVECO. So will CNH continue with IVECO and who will do the warranty work.
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peeing contest between companys. case has controll over iveco, power issues, ivecot can't deliver power like cummins can, emmisions, case want to control, scott.
I never could figure why case would go away from cummins...

but this emissions' BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is a joke...go work on cars and trucks emissions....that makes up 98% of the vehicle problem...not the 1% combines.....and tractors in the world..

i wonder how a 8010 with a cummins would do?
won't ever know all CNH stuff will be iveco powered before very long. I would make a wager fiat will buy one of the big 3 before to long chrysler would fit nice with them
case wasn't to contral all, cummins has the power and nows it, emissons cummins has it, its bull, engine manufures are stepping up to plate, next couple of years are going to be interesting, guess will we will se where power is going, scott. there a concern with the IVECO engine.New Holland has IVECO in there tractor and combines.Is there a complaint with the power.I was under the impression that the power and economy was all good.Also know of individuals waited for the Iveco in there 4wd tractors versus Cummings engines.Apparently the iveco has better fuel economy than Cat or Cummings,any truth.
iveco engine is a heck of a motor, iveco doesn't have hp cummins can offer, economy, yes there is issues with tier 4 engines, power issues and emissons, hp issues and ecomony, we are all concerned about, we will see were power comes from, cummins always, scott.
To answer the original post - Cummins engines (steiger) they do the warranty work. Iveco (smaller hp steiger - 7**0, 8**0, 9**0) CaseIH / dealer can do warranty.
06 8010 with iveco still sucks. Maybe will be getting new injectors and cam. It has been a glorified 2388 in a 8010 body. scared of iveco stuff when you can't get answer to right a wrong. Rest of 8010 performs well.
still waiting to get answers for you sd8010, iveco motors have had good luck on our end, scott.
Given that Fiat owns Iveco it makes perfect sense to run those engines in thier Ag equipement. Never had an issue in the CR's with the Iveco nor the T9000. Speaking to Case farmers they all seem to be happy with the Iveco. It will be interesting to see what they end up powering the T9060 and STX 535 with in the future. What we like about the Iveco is that if you have a serious issue the Dealer can get onto it straight away whereas with the Cummins you have to book a Cummins Service Tech to do the serious work, and over here, you would have more luck finding rocking horse s**t than getting a Cummins Tech.
thats why as a techs we are trained in iveco and cummins
The IVECO was a joint Cummins Fiat engine - now all is owned by Fiat - Fiat traded cummins out of their interest for Cases interest in the CDC engine in the USA. You should be able to find this by using google.
IVECO was a joint engine of Cummins & Fiat - Cummins traded their interest in Iveco to Fiat for Cases interest in CDC in the USA. CDC was a joint venture between Cummins & Case.
iveco's have been around along time. cdc's are a case /cummins engine then CNH/cummins. fiat builds iveco trucks over seas and iveco engines are everywhere. as #3 heavy equipment manufacturer I would think they all have iveco's as well. Fiat owns 90% of CNH fiat is an old european company still family owned to large extent they will own one of the US car manufacturers before to long. they are everywhere else just not in USA in cars. they have snazzy little pickups in brazil. wish they'd send them up here and put case ih on them
so fiat owns cnh?? what else??
power struggle to see who wins, boss says cummins will be big power, fiat, don't know we will see what kind of power they step up to plate with, i am as curious as everyone else is
we will see where power goes, betting man on cummins, have had big motors for years tried and true, iveco is a heck of a motor time will tell, scott.

Making CIH no longer an American tractor.

American owned to be more precise.
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