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So we just got our JD 1790 12/24 planter home and we are have having issues with raising and lowering it. It all started after we got it off the trailer to raise the planter to transport. We followed the procedure in the book to raise and lower in transport.

At this point it was hooked to a JD 7810. Only one side would go up until that side was all the way then the other side would go. At one point the issue switched sides and then switched back again. Had a JD tech come out and he pulled the sense balls out the bottom and reinstalled, no change. Then he pulled the counter balance valves and swapped them, no change. Solenoids had power. Unfolded it and it seemed to raise and lower fine. Back in transport same thing. Finally just got it up and took it home.

Now today, hooked to our MXU 135 we have the same issue in transport both going up and down but also noticing that when putting the wing wheels down (to unfold) the center frame would keep lowering so that the center frame ended up lower the then wings. (again following unfold procedure in book). Folded the planter open and tried to rephase them by going all the way down. The center frame would go down all the way (CCS fan coming on too) but the wings would only go down so far and stop, forming a half oval so to speak (like a smile) wings a bit higher than the center. The only way I got them equal with the center frame was by hitting trans and the wing wheels and basically overriding them so they were somewhat level with the center frame and then raise/lower kept them together after that but I think they were still out of phase.

Anybody have any ideas or where I should start? Dealer claims they cycled everything and it all worked before it was loaded on the truck.
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