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jd 4710 pros and cons

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I found a decent 4710 with poly tank and plumbing. The machine has 3700hrs, 80ft booms, and the starfire dome but no screen. The owner was asking 65k and I told him if he'd take 55 we would take it. I was wondering if there is anything to really look for or if that is even a good deal. I am suppose to call him back tomorrow. Thanks for any help or advise.
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I had a 4710. It is not auto steer compatible. You will need to use a steering wheel. Plus if you need a GS2/GS3, that will be pricy. I think it also needs a brown box to work properly but don't quote me. 4710s have trouble with the scissors on the suspension. Unless converted to greasable, expect them to be wore out and need to be replaced every other season, gets pricy. Does not have auto air leveling, so expect to be adjusting or replace air bags often. I found it to be under powered especially in soft fields or on hills. But a good fuel efficient engine. It is noisy as well, but most deeres are. I think its a good simple entry level machine though, but I can't imagine all the things to worry about on that high of hour unit.
The 4710s's can be converted to Greenstar Autotrac machines.

You don't need to run the brown box in it for the rate controller, it can be done through the emulator on a 2600/2630. That being said it is much nicer to run two display, and less glitchy.

Definetly check the scissor suspension if you can. Turn the wheel while stationary and see how much play are in the arms.

Auto Air chassis leveling was an option, so it could have it on the machine.

Check to make sure there are no leaks around the wheel motors/planetaries, as well as the hydraulic motors.

Good Luck, they are a great sprayer.
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