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JD 4940 with line purging

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Hi all,
Been reading up on the new R4045 and one thing I like is the air forcing the chem out of the line when cleaning. Has anyone fitted something similar to a 4940. It won't be as flash as the inbuilt of the 4045 but will still do the job. Or are there other ways less complicated to clean the boom out?
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On my 4940 I put end caps on the boom. Keeps the air out of the end of the boom so nozzles don't drip when shut off and no delay when they start up again. Also takes up the room at end of boom so they clean out better. I got them from deere I think they are called hypro express caps. Deere part number PM74333316 around 50 bucks each and need 22 of them for 11 section 120 foot boom. Also need a 200 dollar tool to install them but my dealer just let me borrow it.
Some guys just put ball valves on the end of each section for clean out.
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