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At the beginning of the day, the first time I try and engage the feed rolls it takes 1 or 2 minutes to build enough pressure to engage the feed roll clutch. Cutterhead engages fine.
Pressure starts at around 100 psi and eventually, after a minute or 2, jumps to about 280 psi, which is about where it should be. After it finally engages that first time, its fine the rest of the day. Next morning it’s the same thing.
Pressure readings are coming from the clutch input test port on the modulation valve on the back of the IVLOC transmission. System pressure that supples the IVLOC valve body is right on at 300 psi at all times.
Pressures at the IVLOC reverser, brake, and hi/low header speed are all good at 280 psi. Not sure why there is a pressure drop from 300 to 280, but the book says it can vary +/- 10% so I guess it’s ok.
I’ve replaced the modulation valve, didn’t fix it. I don’t think it’s the input clutch leaking, because I’m not seeing an increase in fluid in the IVLOC itself.
I think I’m going to replace the accumulator next.
Thanks in advance for any input.
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