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Fix it or replace it...

Not something silly like the ground-drive belts slipping is it?

Standard shift combines have a clutch and a variable-speed ground-drive sheave set up that can cause slipping...however you should smell burnt belts or clutch....

Hydrostat-drive combines can slip from worn-out hydrostat...or something as simple as the hydro charge-pump belt too loose/worn...low oil...bad ground drive belts plugged filter..etc. If it's a hydro-drive for sure check the charge pump belt

Either style of drive can stop in it's tracks if the transmission to final drive shaft splines/couplers strip-out(makes 'ratcheting' noise)...Hydrostats can strip the spines or coupler between the hydro unit and transmission.

The transmissions themselves are similar between the mechanical and hydro drive systems. Usually the transmission gears and internals are pretty durable. I've had them apart for broken gears and busted internals however usually it's something else like stripped spines on the input shaft that needs repaired
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