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JD 9600 error code 42e

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Code 42e randomly comes on when operating. If engine is turned off it goes away, for a while. What does this code mean. I found a list for 9610 and it says "engine overspeed". Is it the same for the 9600?

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More information. The engine loses power when this code presents itself.
had the same problem on one machine during wheat harvest this year, after trying about everything it turned out to be a fuel temp sensor by the injection pump, after replacing it had all the power back
The computer was the problem. It was isolated by running with cover off. The problem did not go away but was less frequent.
on the top of the pump there is a fuel temp sensor it has two wires going to it it is comon for them to rub together then they short giving you code 42e
Cool down, Stop and clean off the alluminum cooler beside the rad. fire up and hitter again. We used to run 3 9600's sow thistles and canada thistles fields on hot days were the worst.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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