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JD 9600 power chip

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Has anyone any experience with TS Diesel Performance Power Chips?
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Basically all you can do with a plug in module or 'chip' on the electronic bosch fuel pumps on those 7.6 and 8.1 deere engines is alter voltage signal to fuel rack. I have my preferences as to what brand I would suggest but if you've already got the TS Performance you might as well try it.
I use part # RE1000 from Area Diesel Service on those applications. worke well and has lifetime warranty.

Edit: Most early John Deere machines to use the inline Bosch electronic pump such as 9500, 9600 combines or 8100 - 8400 tractors do not have in cab diagnostic port and I am still using a plug in module or 'chip' on these. Once it is a machine new enough to have in cab diagnostic port we can tune the machine with upgraded engine software from Ekotuning. This changes things quite a bit as we are then allowed access to any parameter in the factory engine management system and are not bound to the limits of plug modules or 'chips'. In simple terms we can reprogram anything the oem can.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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