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JD 9860 sts hard steering

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We do have 28l on the rear but something seems to be wrong. There are times especially when driving slow and trying to maneuver that you cannot turn the steering wheel with even two hands. And then all of a sudden you can steer. It seems to come and go a bit and vary with others hyd demand like fluctuating the hydro possibly.

Any thoughts? Is there some sort of pressure relief on the steering circuit that could be giving me fits?
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There is a small hyd. Pump on the back side of the main gear case up in the engine compartment that may be bad. I have had steering issues on different 60 series machines and that pump was the problem. If I remember right the steering would go hard and stay hard not come and go like yours, so I not sure but just an idea.
Steering pump could be weak. It is all it can do to steer with those tires even when brand new.
I have the same issue. Not bad with draper header on but when hooking up it can be really tough. Can only turn when moving so need to be lined up perfectly.
What should the pressure be at that port?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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