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JD4020 low hydraulic pressure

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My 4020 wouldn't raise the a new swing auger when I hooked it up today so I threw a pressure guage into the remotes and all it could produce was 1400psi. Spec for a 4020 is around 2200psi. Is there an easily accessible adjustment for pressure in this system a person could just crank-up?
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Hmmm..yeh...the stroke-control valve on the bottom of the hyd' pump..has a jam nut(3/4" wrench) securing an 'Allen' headed screw...turn screw in a turn or so and check pressure. Change hyd filter....remember the good ole' syncro-range 4020's transmission pump(which supplies the main-pump) does not turn when your foot is on the clutch...
From under the tractor look up at the pump, there is a screw type bolt extending out of the pump with a lock nut against the pump body. Loose the lock nut and in quarter turn intervals, turn the screw inwards or clockwise. What you are turning is the stroke control which controls pressure. If you operate the pump with the lock nut loose it will leak, no big deal but be prepared for it. Turning the nut snug is good enough if you are doing things by yourself. Hold the screw while locking the lock nut when you are done.

There is a possibility your pump is getting tired. Do all checks at 1900 RPM and oil warm.
Thanks you two. I was able to turn it up to 2200psi and now I can raise the new auger. I decided to add this picture in case someone in the future wants to do the same.

Taken directy above the front axle saddle from left side of tractor.
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