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John deere 10RX?

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Didn't Deere used to say only using two sets of bogies on each track unit was a feature? I see they've now gone to three like everyone else.
there is definitely a halo around the tractor.
That looks like normal chromatic aberration to me. Pretty typical in images that are zoomed way in (zoomed digitally) and have been through a jpeg compressor a few times.
Who knows. Could be a prototype that will never turn into a production model. Could be completely faked.

In my experience most faked farm machinery images come from people who don't really understand the machines and how they work, so they are quite easy to spot. And from my experience with AI-generated images, when it comes to technical things (structures, architecture, machines), they do a pretty poor job because the AI has no clue how something is put together, only vaguely what it looks like. Most of my prompt-created images I've made on bing look kind of plausible at first but if you look for a moment, you think, that can't possibly work. A new form of uncanny valley. But I digress.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts