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John Deere 70 Series are out???

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I fell on a press release on profi international's website tonight, announcing the launch of the new 70 series combines (although not badget as 70 series, but rather as S (ex-STS), W (ex-WTS), C (ex-CTS) and T). There is also a press release for the new 7050 and 7050i forage harvesters. They have a small picture of both combines and SPFH on the profi website.;jses....B3144?menuId=22
However, no details on these machines on JD's UK and France websites.
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Harvest Works was out working on my combine today, and said they are building the 70 series now, which lines up with what I was told about a run for fall demos being produced 50-100? or so machines... I've heard they're going to only 3 machines for worldwide, meaning I think all rotors in the world will be 9*70S combines or 9*70W or 9*70C but we'll know for sure in a couple weeks.
The press release is about the European line of John Deere combines.

The C, W, T and S-series will be introduced in Hungary this summer.
530 hp combine and 690 hp harvester...where is it going to end?
For the harvester, you can have now a 824HP new holland harvester, and a 1000HP krone (the BigX) This raise in horsepower, will never stop...
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