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John Deere 930 rigid knife

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What is the point of the blank half sickle at the RHS end of a John Deere knife? It's blunt, so it obviously doesn't cut. Can the knife back simply be cut off short just after the last whole sickle without causing any problems?

The reason I want to do it, is that the aftermarket knife is a Niels Parts laminated knife, it doesn't have the extra hole to be able to fit a half sickle, and it's just about impossible to drill through it. Therefore I have the length of the Niels knife cut off for a whole sickle instead of the blank half. This means it cuts fine, but at the right extent of the knife travel it sticks out of the outside of the comb further than ideal. I would like to cut the whole last section off, as long as it still cuts okay.

Has anyone come across this situation before?
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Yes $%#@ jobber parts supposed to fit but don't fit proper.
Don't think you can cut the knife one section short.
I would grind off the rivets on the last section and install the original 1/2 cleaning section and drill the knife bar for the extra hole.
Knife bar is soft like butter.
Couple new rivets and done.
I won't buy a riveted knife unless there was no choice.
As long as the drive end is spaced proper you can modify the far end with out issue.
The aftermarket knife bars are not soft as butter, they are as hard as diamonds. Best bet would be a cobalt drill.
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