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John Deere 9620 and Bourgault 6550

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Good evening y'all,

So we finally did it, traded the ol JD 1820/1900 drill off for a used 5710-74 Bourgault/ 6550 cart with double shoot (dual fans) and are slightly concerned if our tractor JD 2005 9620 with standard flow pump) will have hydraulic capacity to run both the fans... Tried running both fans a couple of days ago in 0 degree weather for a half hour they didn't seem to want to go over 4000rpm... Looking for 4500 MIN... Wondering if anybody is running the same drill/tractor and what fan RPMs can be reached... thanks in advance
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We are running almost the same drill as you: 5710 - 63' with 6550 with dual fans + 10" auger. Pulling with a JD9400 and it works fine.

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