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john deere 9670

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Have a new to me John deere 9670 combine and was looking for some advice on settings; concave, rotor speed, fan, chaffer, sieve for corn (16 to 18% moisture and 180bpa) running an 8 row head.
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go into the command center and pick corn. scroll down and pick auto set with machine running and engine at high. watch till no numbers are blinking on the screen. go cut corn and make minor changes if needed. good luck!
In 18% moisture my 9670 was shooting corn out of the back like a spreader truck on the factory settings. Im still cutting corn in moisture and im running my concaves at 17 and rotor at 450. sieves and chafer are on 18 and 13. Call me crazy but my fields are clean as a whistle and the factory setting just dont work on MY machine in higher moisture corn. Once it gets down towards 15 it will pick fine on the combines dry settings.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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